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本视频教程是由Digital-Tutors机构出品的Illustrator学习要点10则视频教程,Digital-Tutors 10 Things Every Designer Should Know About Illustrator,时长:1小时44分,大小:555 MB,FLV高清视频格式 ,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:Illustrator,作者:Eddie Russell,官方发布日期:2010年8月4日,语言:英语。。

Adobe Illustrator是出版、多媒体和在线图像的工业标准矢量插画软件。无论是生产印刷出版线稿的设计者和专业插画家、生产多媒体图像的艺术家、还是互联网页或在线内容的制作者,都会发现Illustrator 不仅仅是一个艺术产品工具。该软件为您的线稿提供无与伦比的精度和控制,适合生产任何小型设计到大型的复杂项目。


Digital-Tutors 10 Things Every Designer Should Know About Illustrator

In this series of lessons, we’ll focus on 10 Things Every Designer Should Know About Illustrator. Let’s dive right in and get started by revealing the power of Illustrator’s Appearance Panel, and then take a look at how Smart Guides can simplify precision placement of our objects. We’ll also learn about available brushes in the Brush Panel and look at some techniques for creating stylized flourishes using these brushes. Next, we’ll learn how we can work more efficiently by integrating symbols into our workflow. We’ll also take a look at some of the powerful new tools in Illustrator CS5 such as the width tool, the shape builder tool and drawing modes. We’ll wrap things up by learning about blends and advanced masking using Opacity Masks. After completing this course, you’ll be better equipped to tackle virtually any Illustrator project.


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