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本视频教程是由cmiVFX 机构出品的Scratch中级进阶视频教程第一季,时长:教程使用软件:2小时53分,大小:991 MB,格式:MP4视频,教程使用软件:Assimilate Scratch ,作者:Mike Burton,官方发布时间:2012年6月19日,语言:英语。。

如何能够在某人不张开眼睛的情况下让他知道一个日落是多么的漂亮。Mike将在这使用ASSIMILATE SCRATCH的速度与能力来开阔大家的眼界。ASSIMILATE SCRATCH是一个在行业中备受信任的工具。通过本教学我们将让用户能够高效的使用这个软件。MIKE将在这里为大家介绍那些超乎客户预期的合成能力。当你学习本教学的时候,注意SCRATCH为之出名的速度。

Assimilate Scratch是用于2K电影、高清、标清实时调色的数字中间片解决方案,该方案被著名的后期制作公司Digital Domain、Postwork、Cinesite,以及胶片洗印厂Cinework等客户使用,这些著名的好莱坞制作公司以前制作过《泰坦尼克号》《完美世界》《战争迷雾》等奥斯卡获奖影片,Scratch一经面世,立即吸引了这些著名的制作公司采用。此次Assimilate(亚洲)在BIRTV发布的该套系统,其极高的性价比完全可被大多数制作机构购买得起。

cmiVFX Scratch Digital Intermediate Volume 1

cmiVFX has released a new Color Grading Migration Guide for ASSIMILATE SCRATCH®. How can you convince someone how beautiful a sunrise is who will not open their eyes? Mike Burton is here to open your eyes to the speed and power of ASSIMILATE SCRATCH. SCRATCH is a trusted tool for production environments throughout our industry. This courseware will quickly guide the viewer to a stage of efficient productivity with SCRATCH. Sprinkled throughout, among the grading instructions, you will find features unique to SCRATCH. Mike introduces compositing capability that makes client meetings unexpectedly pleasant. Be sure to watch for the renowned speed of SCRATCH as you view this excellent cmiVFX production. After this lesson you will fully understand the powerful XML-based conform features in this wonderful tool. SCRATCH is a welcome addition to any film production and by the end of this lesson you will have a firm grasp on how to use it.

《数字电影后期制作工具破解版》Assimilate SCRATCH v6.1.723 Win/Mac XFORCE


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