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Gnomon workshop是世界权威的CG视频网站. 他们在CG视频教程中是高质量的代名词。他们定期邀请全世界的顶尖CG艺术家来为他们制作CG视频教程,内容涵盖面非常广。

GNOMON教程,每每给我们于激情与期待!让我们在CG设计路上不再独行!让我们共同期待!让我们共同期待与业界CG顶尖设计师的面对面!少玩多花些时间多学习学习,让我们的商业作品与众不同! Gnomon的教程向来以其前沿的技术和清晰的视频质量而受到广大用户的青睐.

Gnomon Workshop : Dynamic Fantasy Painting with Tom Baxa

Tom Baxa's paintings are known for their energy and dramatic feel. His characters are powerfully gruesome and crackle with an "in-your-face" threat that is menacing and captivating at the same time. This kind of tension and drama is achieved through various design and color choices. In this DVD, you can watch Baxa create an oil painting from a prepared sketch as he discusses the key elements that create drama and action in his work. His lecture focuses on composition, lighting, color, character design, energy of stroke and more, as well as a discussion of his favorite materials and his painting techniques.


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