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本教程是关于MotionBuilder动作捕捉综合教程,时长:33分,教程使用软件:MotionBuilder,作者:Chris Glick,官方发布时间:2009年8月4日。

MotionBuilder目前已经被用于制作多个知名的娱乐项目,包括《贝奥武夫》(Beowulf)、《战争机器2》(Gears of War 2)、《肖恩·怀特滑雪》(Shaun White Snowboarding) 和《抵抗2》(Resistance 2)。


Alias MotionBuilder是用于游戏、电影、广播电视和多媒体制作的世界一流的实时三维角色动画生产力套装软件。利用实时的、以角色为中心的工具的集合,对于从传统的插入关键帧到运动捕捉编辑范围内的各种任务,该软件为技术指导和艺术家提供了处理最苛刻的、高容量的动画的功能。它的固有文件格式(FBX)使在创建三维内容的应用软件之间具有无与伦比的互用性 — 使MotionBuilder成为可以增强任何现有制作生产线的补充软件包。

Digital-Tutors Introduction to Motion Capture in MotionBuilder

In this course we will learn the basics of using motion capture data to drive our characters. We will be able to take motion capture source and convert it into a format that MotionBuilder natively understands and then use that mocap data to create new and life-like animations quickly and easily. In this series of lessons we'll learn how import motion capture data and edit it inside of MotionBuilder. We'll begin this project by taking a single motion capture clip and putting it onto a character using the Story Window. Then, we will extend this to using multiple clips on the same character and how we can create a seamless blend between the two clips using the ghosting, blending, and matching features of the Story window. We will then take the mocap data and plot it down to keyframes so we can edit it in the f-curve window. Finally, we'll learn how to format external BVH mocap data to work with MotionBuilder.



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