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本教程是由Lynda机构出品的电影电视摄像机拍摄基础教程,时长:2小时58分,大小:1.71 GB,MOV视频格式,作者:Anthony Q. Artis,官方发布时间:2012年6月8日,语言:英语。 Fundamentals of Video Cameras and Shooting

Embark on the very first steps in the process of creating moving images. In this course, author Anthony Q. Artis, a veteran of the film and television industry, introduces the core ideas behind how video cameras capture moving images. The course covers foundational concepts of lighting, such as why light is important, what kinds of lights to look for, and where to put lights relative to a subject. In addition, Anthony discusses sounds, an often-misunderstood aspect of video, and shows how to properly set up mics and adjust audio levels on a shoot.


Topics include:-

Exploring the different types of video cameras

Understanding how to focus

Shooting with shallow depth of field

Understanding exposure

Using ND filters to correct overexposure

Using gain to brighten an underexposed shot

Choosing the right shutter speed

White-balancing a shot

Working with a tripod

Shooting handheld

Using a boom microphone

Setting up a 4-point lighting scene

Using corrective gels


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