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本视频教程是由FXPHD机构出品的Mocha进阶训练视频教程,FXPHD MOC211 Intermediate Mocha V3,大小:2.12 GB,MOV高清视频格式,附工程源文件,教程使用软件:MochaPro,语言:英语,。

Mocha是一款独立的2D跟踪软件,基于图形独特的2.5平面跟踪系统. mocha 作为一种高成本的有效跟踪解决方案,具有多种功能,产生二维立体跟踪能力,即使在最艰难的短片拍摄,可也节省大量时间和金钱.mocha是一个单独的二维跟踪工具软件,它可以使影视特效合成艺术家的生活变得更容易,以便减少压力.mocha致力于商业、电影、企业影片后制作的一款工具,它的直觉画面,简单易学用,工业标准2.5D平面的追踪技术,比起使用传统工具,它提供比透过传统工具的制作方法还要快3-4倍的速度,建立高品质影片。



FXPHD MOC211 Intermediate Mocha V3

Mocha has established itself as an essential part in many workflows for getting fast and accurate tracking and shape data from challenging footage. This course focuses on a practical breakdown of various techniques for more challenging shots. We start with an examination of the most important tool in mocha – its planar tracker.

Building on this foundation we look at the flexibility of this data with sharp stabilization rotoshape creation and a 3D camera solve. To complete the tasks we will be taking trips into compositing apps to further the shot and demonstrate the wider workflow. All of the classes are based upon mini-projects; exactly the type of work you might be called upon to complete as an artist.

Ben Brownlee is a VFX artist digital media specialist and instructor with 11 years of industry experience across a number of disciplines. He works extensively with leading Scandinavian fashion brands as co-owner of Husk Os and has worked on various broadcast TVC and feature projects across the globe


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