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Scott-Eaton Anatomy for Artists Online Course

Welcome to Scott Eaton’s Anatomy for Artists online course page. The course is online to share the anatomy lessons of the old masters with artists intent on mastering the human figure. The course takes the daunting task of learning human anatomy and distills it into artist-focused lessons that cover the critical foundation that every figurative artist needs to know.

This course has been taught to artists from around the world including artists from leading animation, game, and visual effects studios – Industrial Light & Magic, Weta, Pixar, Ubisoft, LucasArts, Disney, Sony, Rhythm & Hues, Valve and many others.

It has also helped build a solid anatomical foundation for students from respected art schools and academies including the the Florence Academy of Art, the School of Visual Arts (SVA), the Savannah College of Art and Design, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), and the Art Students League of New York.

Lecture topics include:

Introduction, Proportions and the Skeleton

Chest, Shoulders, Abdomen

Upper and Lower Back

Upper Arms and Forearms

Pelvis, Upper and Lower Legs

Hands, Feet, Head and Neck

Gender, Age, Weight Variations

Bonus Lecture: Introduction to Animal Anatomy

Each week students get access to self-paced video lectures covering the regions of the body outlined above (2-2.5 hours of lecture per week). In addition to the lecture material, each week Scott thoroughly reviews previous lectures and posts video replies to questions received about earlier lessons. Each lecture also sees Scott review the best (or worst) examples of “what not to do” by dissecting images in his infamous Gallery Abominate. This gives a humorous, but educational, look at common anatomical mistakes that beginners and professionals alike make in their work.


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