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本视频教程是由totaltraining机构出品的PR CS6精华训练视频教程,时长:6小时,大小:1.47 GB,MP4高清格式,教程使用软件:Premiere Pro CS6,作者:Luisa Winters,共10章节,语言:英语。。

Premiere 一款常用的视频编辑软件,由Adobe公司推出。是一款编辑画面质量比较好的软件,有较好的兼容性,且可以与adobe公司推出的其他软件相互协作。目前这款软件广泛应用于广告制作和电视节目制作中。Premiere带来了“即时电影”(InstantMovie),可快速将多个视频片段制作成电影短片,而且还支持一键式、专业风格的色彩纠正和校准。利用内容感应面部追踪技术,再加上缩放、平移等过渡特效,以及“智能音乐”(SmartSound),Premiere Elements 10可以轻松把照片集转换成有声有色的短片。高清摄像机拍摄的AVCHD格式视频现在也能轻松导入了,并且能够直接刻录到DVD光盘上。如果你正在使用64位版本的Windows 7,软件性能也会得到明显的增强。

Total Training for Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Essentials

Total Training for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS6: Essentials, hosted by Adobe Expert Debbie Keller, teaches you how to use this powerful editing software from the ground up. You'll learn to use the new customizable interface and all the new features of this updated version of Premiere Pro.

By the time you are done with this training you will know how to work easily with the Premiere Pro interface, capturing, editing and exporting your videos confidently and professionally. You'll also know how to add video transitions and video effects, how to edit your audio and export your project for the best outcome.


Applying an Adjustment layer in Premiere Pro.

Applying a Track Matte Key to a Title to add motion effects with Titles.

Stabilizing shaky footage.

Customizing the buttons in the Monitor panels.


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