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本视频教程是由Digital-Tutors机构出品的Substance Painter游戏贴图绘制全面核心训练视频教程,The Gnomon Workshop Introduction to Substance Painter with Christophe Desse,时长:4小时21分,大小:3 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Painter, Maya, Redshift, 作者:Christophe Desse,共9章节,语言:英语。

Substance Painter是最新的次时代游戏贴图绘制工具,具有一些非常新奇的功能,比如粒子笔刷,可以模拟自然粒子下落,粒子的轨迹形成纹理。


The Gnomon Workshop Introduction to Substance Painter with Christophe Desse

In this lecture, Christophe Desse introduces us to the world of Substance Painter. Starting with a detailed introduction to the tools and features, Christophe then goes deeper into the workflow of Substance Painter showing the texturing process on two different subjects. He begins with a detailed car model of a hot rod, showing various techniques that can be used to texture the various components while discussing how to handle the various material settings and maps. He then moves on to the driver, sharing his workflow for character texturing. Many different types of materials are textured and demonstrated, providing a thorough insight into Christophe’s methodology. Lastly, he shares his workflow for setting up shaders, lighting and cameras in the Redshift rendered for Maya, which offers powerful GPU rendering.

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