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本视频教程是由RippleTraining机构出品的Final Cut Pro X商业剪辑技巧视频教程,Ripple Training Commercial Editing Techniques,时长:1小时40分,大小:1 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Final Cut Pro X,共7个章节,作者:Abba Shapiro,语言:英语。

Final Cut是苹果推出的一款非线编软件,原生64位软件,基于Cocoa编写,支持多路多核心处理器,支持GPU加速,支持后台渲染,可编辑从标清到4K的各种分辨率视频,ColorSync管理的色彩流水线则可保证全片色彩的一致性。Final Cut Pro X、Motion以及Compressor三款软件可以配合使用,Final Cut类似于Adobe Premier用于剪辑,Motion类似于Adobe After Effects用于特效制作,Compressor用于视频导出转码。

Final Cut Pro X 在视频剪辑方面进行了大规模更新,新的Magnetic Timeline“磁性时间线”可令多条剪辑片段,如磁铁般吸合在一起。同样,剪辑片段能够自动让位,避免剪辑冲突和同步问题。Clip Connections片段相连功能可将B卷、音效和音乐等元素与主要视频片段链接在一起,Compound Clips可将一系列复杂元素规整折叠起来,Auditions则可将多个备选镜头收集到同一位置,循环播放来挑选最佳镜头。Final Cut Pro X为原生64位软件,基于Cocoa编写,支持多路多核心处理器,支持GPU加速,支持后台渲染,可编辑从标清到4K的各种分辨率视频,ColorSync管理的色彩流水线则可保证全片色彩的一致性。Final Cut Pro X的另一项主要革新是内容自动分析功能,载入视频素材后,系统可在用户进行编辑的过程中,自动在后台对素材进行分析,根据媒体属性标签、摄像机数据、镜头类型,乃至画面中包含的任务数量进行归类整理。

Ripple Training Commercial Editing Techniques

Learn commercial editing techniques that help sell your product and leave a lasting impression. Understand the “why” behind editorial decisions and how they support or detract from the message.

We show you where to begin; with a solid script and theme. After looking at a first pass of the edit, Abba and Steve break it down and point out where the commercial can be improved; honing it so the audience clearly understands what the story and the product are about, and how the product can help solve their problem.

Here are a few of the questions this tutorial addresses:

*Where is the best place to start when creating a commercial?

*How do I know if my commercial is effective?

*How do I create stronger conflict and resolution?

*How do I ensure my message isn’t being lost?

*Whose story is this anyway?

*How do I create a stronger emotional payoff?

Apply techniques that make your marketing more effective. Utilize the power of visual storytelling to sell ideas in ways that words are not able.


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