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本视频教程是由CreativeLive机构出品的摄影主题拍摄全面视频教程,creativeLIVE 28 Days with Sue Bryce Day 1 & 2,时长:10小时56分,大小:3.95 GB,格式:MP4高清视频,官方发布日期:2013年3月8日,作者:Sue Bryce,语言:英语。。

creativeLIVE 28 Days with Sue Bryce Day 1 & 2

Spend 28 days with Sue Bryce! In this unique event, Sue Bryce is giving you the unprecedented chance to spend one whole month with her learning every aspect of her business: how to shoot, connecting with your subjects, posing, lighting, marketing, business—everything you need to learn to run a photography business like Sue Bryce.

We'll kick off the event with two days of teaching LIVE from Las Vegas on March 8 and 9. Then each day for 28 days after that we'll post one hour-long video recorded by Sue, teaching a different aspect of her business and issuing a challenge to you. We'll then come together in April for one more live day in studio to wrap up the event. Take those challenges, learn the skills, and create a business like Sue Bryce!


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