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本视频教程是由Parkcameras机构出品的佳能EOS单反相机摄影技术指南视频教程,Parkcameras Canon Exploring EOS Tutorial DVD,大小:6.97 GB,格式:PDF高清,DVD,语言:英语。包含EOS 500D, 50D与7D的详细使用技术。

单镜头反光照相机,(Single Lens Reflex Camera,缩写为SLR camera)又称作单反相机。它是用一只镜头并通过此镜头反光取景的相机。所谓“单镜头”是指摄影曝光光路和取景光路共用一个镜头,不像旁轴相机或者双反相机那样取景光路有独立镜头。“反光”是指相机内一块平面反光镜将两个光路分开:取景时反光镜落下,将镜头的光线反射到五棱镜,再到取景窗;拍摄时反光镜快速抬起,光线可以照射到感光元件CMOS上。

Parkcameras Canon Exploring EOS Tutorial DVD

This photography tutorial DVD lets you join the photographic adventure with four professionals guiding you through the capabilities of your Canon EOS SLR camera.

Whether you’re an EOS 500D, 50D or 7D user, or are thinking of becoming one, 'Exploring EOS’ is the experience you need to turn your enthusiasm into even better results.

This exclusive DVD lets you join the photographic adventure of a lifetime, with four photographers guiding you through making the most of the unlimited possibilities of the EOS system.

The main movie features Nadine, a young photo enthusiast, as she travels to South Africa to learn from photographers who are internationally recognised specialists in Landscape, Portrait, Macro and Wildlife photography.

They have to deliver the highest standards of artwork in their chosen fields, on a daily basis and will share their best practice with you.

You’ll gain inspiration, tips on image composition and how standard shooting modes can produce great results with ease, in specific shooting situations.

You’ll also learn about using some of the more advanced camera functions, to achieve specific effects, and a greater understanding of the capabilities of the cameras and of the Canon EF lens range, to combine the right lens and flash for the job and much more.


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