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本视频教程是由Shutterevolve机构出品的PS中Raya pro面板风景照片高阶润色技术训练视频教程,时长:2小时,大小:3 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Photoshop,作者:Richard Harrington,共35个章节,语言:英语。

Raya pro是一款功能非常强大的Photoshop终极数字混合工作流程面板;它包含了大部分数码后期的处理过程简单的按钮,快速Rapid Blendi技术、应用图像、2种选集专用于亮度选区、渐变遮罩、每个按钮被设计独特的功能等;软件使用非常的简单,操作方便,是款非常值得信赖的软件。



Mastering Raya Pro course plus latest update and all the files to follow the course, enjoy.

What will you learn:

You will learn to blend exposures quickly, naturally and cleanly with some of the most difficult scenes around. From instant digital blending, to luminosity masking, simple landscapes to complex interior shots, you will see how easily we can blend any exposures using Raya Pro.

We will take the processing beyond exposure blending and learn how to deepen the mood in our images, how to enhance a sunset, create a dreamy, magical feel, handle colours with maximum effect, prepare images in Adobe Camera RAW or Lightroom, and many other techniques that will give your images that professional finish.

Course content:

Below is the full list of videos that make up the Mastering Raya Pro Course (all HD, mp4, so you can watch on any device).

Digital Blending Section

1. Introduction to Digital Blending

2. How Many Exposures Do I Need

3. Common Errors in Digital Blending

4. Rapid Blend If vs Apply Image

5. Apply Image & The Power of Masks

6. Easily Blend 2 Exposures

7. Easily Blend 3 Exposures

8. Advanced Digital Blending Secrets Part 1

9. Advanced Digital Blending Secrets Part 2

10. Gradient Masking

11. Combining Digital Blending Methods

12. How To Deal With Moving Objects

Luminosity Mask Section

1. What Are Luminosity Masks

2. Common Luminosity Mask Errors

3. How To Make Accurate Selections

4. Blending Simple Highlights

5. Blending Strong Highlights

6. Subtracting Masks

7. Restoring Shadows Easily

8. Manually Create Perfect Selections

9. A Full Luminosity Mask Workflow

Enhancements Section

1. Introduction to Enhancements

2. Quick Colour Changes

3. Easy Filters

4. The Orton Effect

5. Dodge & Burn

6. Easy Contrast Adjustments

7. Sharpening Full Size

8. Cleaning Your Images

9. Frequency Separation

Software needed:

The only things you need are Raya Pro and Photoshop (from CS5 to the newest version of CC) and Adobe Camera RAW (comes with Photoshop) or Lightroom. No other software is needed.

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