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本视频教程是由Lynda机构出品的数字媒体基础知识训练视频教程,时长:2小时15分,大小:430 MB,MP4高清视频格式,作者:Maxim Jago,共23个章节,语言:英语。

琳达(Lynda) 是全球最知名的在线教育机构,每年可以吸引到4500万独立访客,让它成为教育界的长青网站。这家在线视频教学网站,提供了数以千计的现在最流行的软件技术视频教程。有大约1百万人都愿意支付每月25美元的使用费来访问它,它已经成为一个网上帝国。它的创始人琳达·温曼(LyndaWeinman)认为,她的教程在网民中大受欢迎的程度会鞭策那些认为网络只是让人变笨变懒的人。根据该公司的报告,Lynda 现在每年可以吸引到4500万独立访客,大部份的独立订户会订阅内容1至3年。公司现在雇有200名全职员工,风险投资人还不停地要扔钱过来,但温曼说,她比较喜欢看到公司自然平稳地增长并通过口碑营销打开市场。网站上的教育录像质量很高,课程划分细致,学习的人可以根据自己的目标随时切换内容。

Lynda Learning Digital Media Principles

If you’re a self-trained designer, photographer, CG artist, audio mixer, video editor, or motion graphics artist, you have a good grounding in the tools you use, and you know the results you want, but you might not know how the technology you’re using really works. It’s a transformational moment when you gain a deeper understanding of the way digital images, graphics, video, and audio work. Every day you’re adjusting pixels and sound waves that have been captured, created, or rendered digitally. Grasping what is really happening when you work with digital media allows you to improve your skills faster, communicate effectively, and collaborate more easily. This course removes the mystery behind terms you’ve encountered, enhancing your command of the tools you use. Learn what a pixel really is, what color channels are, and what audio frequency is. Discover how color channels, bit depth, and video frame rates work. Find out the difference between codecs and file formats, and how compression is involved. By the end of this course, you’ll know how to answer common client questions—like, whether a logo be supplied in vector or bitmap form, and more.



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