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本合辑是由Surfacemimic机构出品的人类皮肤反照置换贴图合辑,Surface Mimic Human Skin Displacement and Textures,大小:1 GB,格式:Tif,包含23组树叶树皮反照置换贴图共广大设计师学习使用。

Surface Mimic Human Skin Displacement and Textures

For those of you who are used to making your normal and bump maps from the color/albedo maps, STOP!! Just wait until you use these instead! All the pores and wrinkles and other natural surface details you can get from using these will add a tremendous amount of realism to your characters.

What is Surface Mimic?

Surface Mimic scans real world surfaces for digital art. Our vision is to provide artists with high resolution 3d scanned displacement maps and textures to help them push the boundaries of realism, creativity and efficiency.

Our products are primarily aimed at the video game and cinema FX industries where a high level of realism is required.

About our 3d surface scans

Our surface scaning method is a per pixel photographic scanning technique that gives incredible detail up to the resolution of the camera used. It is ideal for fine, bas relief details such as clothing, skin, concrete, bricks etc.


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