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本PS动作是由GraphicRiver机构出品的PS创意彩色铅笔风格特效动作笔刷图案合辑,GraphicRiver Creative Colored Pencil Drawing 2 4925493,大小:6 MB,格式:ABR, PAT, ATN (放在PS软件相应文件夹内调用),包含彩色铅笔风格特动作、笔刷和图案PS文件,为设计师提供精彩绝伦的彩色铅笔特效,使用软件:Photoshop CS5或以上版本。

GraphicRiver Creative Colored Pencil Drawing 2 4925493


Package name: Creative Colored Pencil Drawing 2

Software version: Photoshop CS5

Copyright: June 10, 2013

Author: Charles Brown

Complexity: Well-labeled ‘ACTION’ operation and easy to modify to suit your need. Your main image stays unharmed and the final drawing is transparent, thereby giving you the chance to place it on any background.


- Undergoes serious edge trace

- Unbeatable quality result

- Renders transparent drawing

- Digital Lab Tested

From the maker of “Action Pro Sketching and Painting” and “Advance Comics Publication Bundle” comes an amazing realistic hand sketch image action. This package traces the edges/lines of your artwork and extracts them from the background and transforms the lines into an artistic hand drawing.

No skill is required – just 1 CLICK away.


资源名称: PS创意彩色铅笔风格特效动作笔刷图案合辑

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