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VideoCopilot Optical Flares 2 这种新的集合镜头光晕预置了许多灵感来源,通过精心设计,注重细节。这些耀斑是由无数镜头的对象形成,并允许您构建自己的收藏与创作杂交组合耀斑。

Optical Flares为videocopilot研制的新插件,Optical Flares和灯光工厂, 蓝宝石的镜头光晕同类,Optical Flares设置界面 控制性 预设类型比后两者更强。

Description: Featuring:

50 All New Lens Flare Presets 50全新镜头光晕预置

Realistic Anamorphic Elements 现实主义银幕元素

Many based on real lenses 许多基于真实镜头

10 Template Projects 10个模板项目

3 New Video Tutorials 3个新视频教程

Ideal Uses:

Visual Effects Compositing 视觉效果合成

Music Videos 音乐视频

Motion Graphics 动态影像

Commercials 商业广告

Simulate Expensive Lenses 模拟昂贵的镜头

Video Copilot: PRO FLARES BUNDLE - Creative Lens Flare Studio includes Optical Flares, Pro Presets 1 and Pro Presets 2.

Optical Flares is plug-in for designing and animating realistic lens flares in After Effects. Build, Edit and Customize Lens Flares with amazing speed and simplicity.


- 3D Lens Flares with AE Lights

- Intuitive Design Interface

- Live Visual Preset Library

- Real Texture Support

- Dynamic Triggering Animations

- Chromatic Aberration

- Up to 32 bpc color support

- 12 unique Lens Objects

- 50 custom Lens Objects

- Large Pop-Out Preview window

- Rename, & Rearrange Objects

- Show BG in Preview Window

- Integrated Copy & Paste

- Duplicate Objects & Undo/Redo

- 60 Built-in Presets (included)

PRO PRESETS 1 for Optical Flares - Powerful Preset Pack for Optical Flares (optional) The Pro Presets is a collection of 50 detailed high-end flares set up with shimmer animation, edge flare-ups and more. This collection offers greater versatility to the 60 built-in presets as well as providing creative ideas and usage of elements. Also, each object can be saved and combined with your other lens flare presets.

PRO PRESETS 2 for Optical Flares - Choose from 50 unique new presets or mix and build new combinations. This new collection of lens flare presets have been inspired by many sources and designed with careful attention to detail. These flares are made up of countless lens objects and allows you to build creative hybrid combinations with flares from your own collection. Pro Presets 2 Installs in a few seconds giving you access to a artistic array of light effects. Pro Presets 2 are designed to be used with Optical Flares.


- Optical Flares Plugin v1.2.134 (64-bit)

- Pro Presets

- Pro Presets 2

- AE Templates

- 7 Commercial Fonts (True Type Font, .TTF Mac & PC)

- Textures

- Video-tutorial (flv)


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