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本插件是由nvidia机构出品的3Dsmax物理引擎Nvidia PhysX插件V2.88版,Nvidia PhysX 2.88.00227 for 3ds Max 2011-2013,大小:448 MB,格式:exe crack,支持3dsmax2011-2013软件,语言:英语。。

physx 是一套由 nvidia 设计的执行复杂的物理运算的技术.在 2005年7月20日,索尼同意在即将发售的 playstation3 中使用 nvidia 的 physx 和它的 sdk —— novodex 。nvidia 声称,physx 将会使设计师在开发游戏的过程中使用复杂的物理效果而不需要像以往那样耗费漫长的时间开发一套物理引擎,而且使用了物理引擎还会使一些配置较低的电脑无法流畅运行。nvidia 更宣称 physx 执行物理运算的效率比当前的 cpu 与物理处理软件的组合高出 100 倍。游戏设计语言 dark basic pro 将会支持 physx,并允许其用户利用physx 执行物理运算。

Nvidia PhysX 2.88.00227 for 3ds Max 2011-2013

NVIDIA PhysX = more visually enhanced gaming experience for owners of NVIDIA GPUs.

NVIDIA PhysX Technology (NVIDIA PhysX, PhysX by NVIDIA, GPU PhysX) is a marketing term, used by NVIDIA to designate ability of GeForce GPUs to accelerate physics calculations, and games that are using that ability to create more rich physical effects.

So how it works:

NVIDIA owns physics middleware - PhysX SDK. It is a normal physics engine (just like Havok, ODE or Bullet), widely used in PC and console games, but with one particular feature - hardware acceleration.

Certain PhysX SDK based games are taking advantage of that feature by containing supplementary PhysX effects - smoke and fluid simulation, dynamic clothing on characters, more vivid explosions with dust and debris.

In most cases, GPU PhysX effects are added over baseline (read: console) level of physics interactions in the game, defined by developers.

From hardware part, NVIDIA GeForce GPUs series 8xxx and higher are required to calculate such PhysX effects with decent framerate (CPU execution can also be enabled, but it is less effective).

New Features

Updated PhysX 2.8.5 and 3.2.2

Updated APEX 1.2.2

Make 3.x SDK as default.

Support exporting without prompt dialog.

Rigid Body: expose script support for clothing type shape, radius bone and type.


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