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本插件是关于Redshift3D加速渲染器Maya与SoftimageV0.3.25版,Redshift3D v0.3.25 Beta for Maya and Softimage Win64,大小:227 MB,支持Maya与Softimage软件,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

Redshift3D v0.3.25 Beta for Maya and Softimage Win64

Redshift is the world’s first fully GPU-accelerated, biased renderer.

Redshift renders scenes many times faster than existing CPU-based renderers.

Save time and money, and unleash your creativity!

Biased Rendering

Redshift is a biased renderer. Redshift uses approximation and interpolation techniques to achieve noise-free results with relatively few samples, making it much faster than unbiased rendering.

Redshift supports several biased global illumination techniques including:

Brute Force GI

Photon Mapping (with Caustics)

Irradiance Cache (similar to Irradiance Map and Final Gather)

Irradiance Point Cloud (similar to Importons and Light Cache)

You choose the techniques that work best for your particular scene.


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