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本插件是由daz3d机构出品的Studio插件Alembic Exporter V1.0.2版,Alembic Exporter v1.0.2.118 For DAZ Studio 4.6 Win64,大小:4 MB,支持:DAZ Studio 4.6版软件,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

Alembic Exporter v1.0.2.118 For DAZ Studio 4.6 Win64

The Alembic format is used in production pipelines involving many of the top 3D modeling/animation applications.

With this exporter plugin for DAZ Studio you gain the ability to use DAZ Studio assets, as well as “Vertex Exact” animations, in your favorite 3D modeling/animation applications.

One possible pipeline where the Alembic exporter will be useful is when doing the following:

Animate a figure such as Victoria 6 in DAZ Studio

Export to Alembic format

Import Alembic file into preferred 3D application

Set up surfaces, lighting and cameras


The animation of Victoria 6 will deform exactly the same in the target 3D application as it did in DAZ Studio due to the way Alembic handles animation.


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