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本插件是由thefoundry机构出品的Power SubD-NURBS细分网格曲面MODO插件,The Foundry Power SubD-NURBS For Modo Win Mac,大小:78 MB,支持MODO 701 SP4与601 SP5版软件,支持Win与Mac系统,语言:英语。

The Foundry Power SubD-NURBS For Modo Win Mac

Use MODO at the front end of your design pipeline to prototype virtually any organic surface

Power SubD-NURBS lets you export Subdivision Surface meshes from MODO into NURBS-based CAD formats that load into a wide range of CAD systems. This tool facilitates use of MODO as a concept modeler at the initial stage of the design process — where MODO’s ability to quickly create organic shapes is especially useful. With this tool, you can freeform model a variety of design alternatives in MODO and then transfer them to your CAD system for further refinement and engineering.


资源名称: Power SubD-NURBS细分网格曲面MODO插件

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