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本插件是由anzovin机构出品的The Face Machine面部表情设置Maya插件V1.09版,The Face Machine v1.09 For Maya 2014-2015 WIN64 LNX64,大小:15 MB,支持Win与Linux系统,支持Maya2014-2015版本软件,语言:英语。

Anzovin studio 推出了新的表情设置插件the face machine,面部表情绑定工具,适用于Maya软件.名字很耳熟?他们曾经推出过角色绑定工具 the setup machine。这一次表情设置插件应该很让人期待。Anzovin studio声称 the face machine(下简称TFM)非常强大,可以制作夸张的卡通表情,也可以做微秒的写实的表情,另外可以胜任快速表情绑定制作。还有一个特点刷权重将会变的非常简单。

The Face Machine v1.09 For Maya 2014-2015 WIN64 LNX64


The Face Machine is Anzovin Studio’s new auto-rigging tool for Maya, but instead of rigging bodies, it rigs faces! Like The Setup Machine, The Face Machine (or TFM) automatically installs a high-level facial setup and does intelligent point weighting.

TFM supports both box controls and direct controls that allow the animator to simply grab the face and deform it into the exact expression desired. Since it’s based on direct deformation, rather then a set of pre-defined blend shapes, TFM rigs can produce any expression you can imagine with unparalleled ease. The Face Machine makes rigging a face fast and easy.


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