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Toxic Type: Collection 5 - Corporate and Broadcast - A brand new and exciting set of easy to use, customizable text animation templates with a smooth, corporate look that is perfectly at home on network television or in the corporate boardroom. You can build your project around these animations or drop them into an existing multi-segment production with minimal customization to add just the right touch of polished sophistication to your titles. These ready-to-use After Effects templates are perfect as-is or easily customized to suit your needs just by adjusting colors, adding a logo or combining segments.

One of the weakest aspects of many video productions is the treatment of text and the integration of text with footage and other graphic material. This task can often get left to the last minute because there is so much else to do in producing the final piece. This is where Toxic Type Collection 5: Corporate & Broadcast comes in. These easy-to-use After Effects templates are fully fleshed-out text-centric animations with a corporate & broadcast theme. They can be used to present your titles and text information with the smooth, corporate look of the boardroom or the polished dynamic style of professional broadcast graphics. You can build your project around them or drop them into an existing multi-segment production with minimal customization to add just the right touch of polished sophistication to your titles.

Much like its big brother, the ready2go Projects & Template Collection, if you want the exact look of a Toxic Type template, all you need to do is type in your own text to replace the placeholders, but as with ready2go, these projects are also supremely customizable when you need them to be. You can change colors and backgrounds, turn off layers, add your own new elements or even change the font used on the animated type.


- More than 65 corporate & broadcast-themed Adobe After Effects Projects: The variety you need to handle any type of production that comes along

- Complete customization: Use the projects as is or take them apart and add your own look and feel. Whether you want to turn off a layer, change a font, adjust colors, add segments or increase the timing it's in your complete control.

- HD & SD projects: Whether you work with HD or SD, you don't have to worry because we've included project files in both formats

- DJTV Training: Unlike projects from other sources, you'll get ongoing in-depth training from our DJTV tutorials, showing you exactly how to use and customize these projects, no matter what your skill level.

- Complete access: You have complete access to the project just as the animator designed it. Nothing is hidden or impossible to get at. Learn something new and improve your skills by analyzing how the projects are set up before customizing them.

- No third party plugins required: To make sure you wouldn't have any compatibility issues, we only used effects and features that are already built into After Effects.

- 15 co-ordinated template sets

- Works with Adobe After Effects CS 4.0 & above

- Requires Juicer version 3.88b or above

- Compatible with both Windows and Mac


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