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Digital Juice – Drag & Drop Series All 8 Volumes

This exciting new series of tools is exactly what video editors, visual effects artists and motion designers really need to take their videos to a level they might not have thought was even possible. These clip-based visual effects take all the drudgery out of the process while letting you, as the designer, focus on what really matters — getting a great look that complements your footage!

No Plugins Required

Simple to use – Just drag to your timeline and apply a blend mode

Works on both Mac and Windows

All effects are Quicktime clips that will work with all editing and motion design software including Avid Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro After Effects, Apple Motion and more.

Drag & Drop – Series

Clip-based visual effects that elevate & complement your footage

Drag & Drop – BokehDrag & Drop Bokeh

A romantic bouquet of dappled light to show your love for that special footage

Drag & Drop – Reflective Thoughts

40+ clips of reflective light to lead your footage forward

Drag & Drop – Unnecessary Roughness

Learn to embrace imperfection & bring rough beauty to your edits

Drag & Drop – Damage Control

A little destruction can add some controlled genius to your edits

Drag & Drop – Film Clutter

Scratch the surface of your footage & expose the intensity of the moment

Drag & Drop – GlitchFX

Send a surge of energy through your edits & move your message forward

Drag & Drop – Light Leaks

Wake your footage up by bathing it in a subtle wash of light

Drag & Drop – Light Sweeps

Punctuate a moment’s importance with a sweeping flash of light


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