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了解或者使用过 VideoHive 的AE模板(国内大部分AE模板均来自此网站)的人都知道,他们网站上模板与配乐本身就是分隔开的,模板的作者并没有权利提供原版的配乐,他们制作时也仅仅是选用了带干扰音的小样(配乐的售价比模板本身还贵),国外AE片头模板的作者所用的配乐大都选自:Audio Jungle配乐交易平台,官方网址

每一首配乐/歌曲,官方价格是 $5-20美元,由此可见其珍贵性。






1.Audio Jungle超级音效库精选影视片头AE模板音乐第一辑(55组)

2.Audio Jungle超级音效库精选影视片头AE模板音乐第二辑(30组)

3.Audio Jungle超级音效库精选影视片头AE模板音乐第三辑(38组)

4.Audio Jungle超级音效库精选影视片头AE模板音乐第四辑(13组)

5.2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第1、2套(8+24组)第五辑

6.Audio Jungle 附加赠送音乐素材 第六辑(25组)

7.2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第3套 第七辑(16组)2014.4.21更新

8.2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第4套第八辑(16组)2014/5/20更新

9.2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第5套第九辑(20组)2014/6/7更新(试听地址:

10.2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第6套第十辑(7组)2014/7/14更新(试听地址:

11.2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第7套第十一辑(20组)2014/7/28更新 (试听地址:

12.2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第7.1套第十二辑(15组)(2014/8/4更新)(试听地址:

13.2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第十三辑(27组)(2014/9/12更新)(试听地址: )

14.2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第十四辑(27组)(2014/9/17更新)(试听地址:

15.2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第十五辑(45组)(2014/12/03更新)目录见最下方












audiojungle-42855-We'll Have a Wedding - Love Song

audiojungle-54447-Comedy Action Country

audiojungle-506034-Colors Of Emotions



1.Abstract Glitch Effects Pack -

2.Action Movie Music Score -

3.Be My Romeo Valentines Theme -

4.Cinematic Action Explosion -

5.Clair de Lune -

6.Clapping Ukulele -

7.Dancing In The Wood -

8.Destruction -

9.Dramatic Trailer -

10.Epic Battle And War -

11.Epic Cinematic Movie Trailer Music -

12.Epic Hollywood Underscore -

13.Evil Mushrooms -

14.Funny Swing -

15.Hand in Hand -

16.Italo Disco 80's -

17.Just Be Happy (with and without whistling) -

18.Looks Like Success -

19.News And Current Affairs -

20.Old Time Memories -

21.Spring Melody -

22.State of Art -

23.Tomorrow's Future -

24.Ukulele With Sleigh Bells -

25.Funky Hip-Hop Loop-

26.Future City-

27.Indie Rocker-

28.New Year Song-

29.One Foot After the Other-

30.Ukelele and Whistle-

31.You've Got My Heart-

7.2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第3套第七辑(16组)目录+试听:

1.Add Loudness 试听地址

2.Be My Valentine 试听地址

3.Bright Shining Love (Vocal Mix) 试听地址

4.Colors Of Emotions 试听地址

5.Comedy Action Country 试听地址

6.Dream of Lynea 试听地址

7.Driving In My Car 试听地址

8.Elena 试听地址

9.Felix Mendelssohn Wedding March Techno Dance 试听地址

10.Friends of Grunge 试听地址

11Funny Walk Logo 试听地址

12.Halloween Spooks 试听地址

13.Neon Light Flicker 试听地址

14.Sunday Morning 试听地址

15.Transcendence 试听地址

16.Translation 试听地址

2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第4套第八辑目录:

? A Lover’s Story

? A Romantic Love Harp

? A Sad Orchestral String Story

? Acoustic Loop – 2

? Acoustic Loop – 31

? All for a happy ending

? Angelic Romance

? Be My Romeo Valentines Theme

? Cheery Piano

? Classical Heart-warming Music Theme

? Funny Swing

? Heartbroken Love

? Here Is Love Acoustic Guitar

? Light Footsteps

? Tender Love Theme

? Trailer Acts – Volume One

2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第5套第九辑目录:

Beautiful Day

Bright Trance Night


College Band

Cute Bugs

Dream of Lynea


Floating Particles Logo

Happy Piano and Strings

Marching Band Takes the Field

New Inspiring Tech Product

On Top Of The World

Put a Smile On


Something Elemental

The Happiest Day Ever

The “Oo-Ah-Oo” Song

To Be Punk

Top of the Day

Vintage Love

2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第6套第十辑目录:

Cinematic Trailer Pack

Super Mega Pirate Action

Stepping to the Top

Absolutely Uplifting

The Happiest Day Ever

Happy Piano and Strings

Corporate Logo Pack

2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第7套第十一辑目录:

··Absolutely Uplifting

?Birthday Ident

?Born In The 70s

?Cinematic Trailer Pack

?Corporate Logo Pack

?Dark Orchestral Logo 1


?Epic Power Logo

?Epic Western

?Feel The Love

?Hang In There

?Hi-Tech Logo 2

?Memorial Tribute

?One in a Million

?Playground Fun

?Radio Imaging Pack

?Stepping to the Top


?Various Rock Music Pack

?Water Splash Logo 2

2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第十二辑目录:

A Sunny Day

Arena Anthem

Blue Groove Deluxe

Children Smile

Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly

Hey! It’s Your Birthday

Hip Hop Sport

Hit It Hard

In the Moment of Inspiration

Irish Bar

Modern Dance Chart Opening

My Story

Summer Dance

Turning Me On

Epic Trailer


Absolutely Uplifting

Arena Anthem

Blue Groove Deluxe

Born In The 70s

Catchy Blues-Rock Instrumental

Children Smile

Cinematic Trailer Pack

Cool Phoenix

Corporate Logo Pack


Epic Trailer Intro

Epic Western

Funky you!!!

Give Our Dreams Their Wings To Fly

Hey! It’s Your Birthday

Hip Hop Sport

Hit It Hard

My Story

Ride Along

Rock That Crowd!

Sha La La

Stepping to the Top

Summer Dance

Sun Is So Bright

Tune In

Turning Me On

Warm Summer

2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第十四辑目录:


Funky you!!!



Playground Fun

Corporate Logo Pack

Birthday Ident

Water Splash Logo 2

Epic Western

Dark Orchestral Logo 1

Memorial Tribute

Radio Imaging Pack

Feel The Love

Ride Along

Hang In There

Absolutely Uplifting

Born In The 70s

Cinematic Trailer Pack

Epic Power Logo


Stepping to the Top

HiTech Logo

2014年 Audio Jungle 超级音效库精选第十五辑目录:


audiojungle 16986 jazz cafe

audiojungle 40959 birds stereo 01

audiojungle 106397 corporate summer

audiojungle 115288 euphoria vol 3

audiojungle 119712 news

audiojungle 123076 make it last with vocals

audiojungle 133958 world news open

audiojungle 134471 firefly in a fairytale

audiojungle 169193 happy birthday

audiojungle 233265 simple little things of life

audiojungle 236175 a bright and hopeful future

audiojungle 372430 tv countdown

audiojungle 1068227 balance

audiojungle 1447322 piece of heaven

audiojungle 1453595 orchestral tv opener

audiojungle 1725697 elevate the world

audiojungle 2299193 news pack

audiojungle 2304628 smash it up

audiojungle 2580028 epic industrial logo intro

audiojungle 2710317 good morning nature logo

audiojungle 2722725 movie trailer pack

audiojungle 2798559 broadcast news

audiojungle 2952243 piano logo

audiojungle 3164069 still you love

audiojungle 3353092 a new president

audiojungle 3642521 Walking With A Pet

audiojungle 3727886 feels like a wedding day

audiojungle 5108287 be still

audiojungle 5307389 feel good music pack

audiojungle 5404194 epic hollywood trailer

audiojungle 5450489 3d world logo reveal

audiojungle 5609264 thrash

audiojungle 5630856 dreaming

audiojungle 5869820 electric dance

audiojungle 6070821 shining peace logo

audiojungle 6160764 romance

audiojungle 6248931 drumstep rock

audiojungle 6509407 black fire

audiojungle 6901029 stardust logo

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