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本软件是由Volumerics机构出品的VOTA三维建模软件V1.1.2版,Volumerics VOTA 2013 R2 Studio Edition v1.1.2 WIN,大小:15 MB,支持Win软件,语言:英语。

Volumerics VOTA 2013 R2 Studio Edition v1.1.2 WIN

VOTA is a next-generation 3D modeling – Software based on cutting-edge voxel technology. Experience robust modeling tools and powerful texturing in a software which gives you complete freedom for 3D content creation.

VOTA is the first next-generation 3D modeling studio. It allows you to model not only the shape of a model but also the interior. This makes later changes and modifications to a model much easier and faster: It does not require you to work on the geometry and textures in turns. Instead you can modify shape and texture simultaneously!

VOTA also relieves you of buggy 3D objects. Every model created with VOTA is closed & water-tight always.


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