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本软件是由crytek机构出品的CryEngine游戏引擎软件V3.6.15版,CryEngine v3.6.15 Build 3176,大小:4.2 GB,语言:英语。

Crytek正式发布了CryENGINE 2的升级版CryEngine 3,目前Crysis2《孤岛危机2》采用了该引擎。最新的CryEngine 3引擎为3版。CryEngine 3引擎是世界上最先进的和大量授权的应用引擎,该引擎不单只是授权给游戏工作室开发游戏,还大量授权给了学校,建筑公司,医院和一些视觉公司和个人使用等,个人使用者可以登录专门的网站注册,然后签署并提交保密协议,就可以获得相应的软件授权拷贝。

最新CryEngine 3引擎将会加入更多的图形功能,更强大的物理破坏效果,动画技术以及多个游戏技术的增强功能,例如大范围开放的环境、建筑内部丰富的细节、高级任务表情以及动作、新的改进版SandBOX编辑器、多种不同平台实时所见即所玩的开发、引擎内色彩等级、程序破坏与物理效果等高级先进技术。CryEngine 3引擎在PC平台上也支持DirectX 9、10、11,并且支持多核心技术来获得对称多处理和超线程,同时也支持32位和64位的版本。

作为声名显赫的CryENGINE引擎的第三代,CryENGINE 3继承了前辈在画质方面的突出造诣,而且这次不仅限于PC平台,还可用于PS3和X360等主机平台,这也是Crytek首次进军游戏机领域

CryEngine v3.6.15 Build 3176

CryENGINE® 3 is a highly advanced development solution that surpasses all expectations for the creation of blockbuster games, movies, high-quality simulations, and interactive applications. The third iteration of Crytek’s proprietary engine is the only all-in-one game development solution for the PC, Xbox 360™, and PlayStation®3 that is truly groundbreaking in itself.

3.6.15 Public Release Notes :

Editor :

– Fixed: Unlikely null-pointer de-reference when switching to game mode (CE-5258).

Engine :

– New: (Build) Added release build config for EaaS (which is not identical to “normal” release in terms of linking).

– New: (CrySystem) Allows game code to specify a list of pak-files to load (instead of hard-coding in CrySystem), for use by EaaS.

– Fixed: (RC, CryCommonTools) RC ignores files that are inside a subfolder of which the name starts with a . (dot).

Renderer :

– Fixed: Don’t skip deferred shadow gen when there are still custom or cloud shadows to be rendered (CE-5168).

– Fixed: Overlapping stencil values with cascade blending and custom shadow maps.

– Fixed: Use area light for sun just when area light support is enabled. Fixed area lights with tiled shading.

– Fixed: gbuffer velocity generation when tessellation is enabled (fixes Character motion blur issues) (CE-3335).

– Fixed: Sun specular multiplier in standard shading path (fixes sun specular not being configurable in tiledshading ‘2’ mode).

Audio :

– New: Updated to Wwise version 2014.1.2 build 5195.

– New: Introduced console functions to Execute/Stop Audio Triggers and Set Audio Rtpcs and Switches.

– New: Added error logging for failed AFCM cache requests if a file not found at the target location.

– Fixed: (ACB) The very first Wwise control was hidden from the user.

– Fixed: (ACB) ACB would crash on a NULL control pointer during undo/redo (CE-4823).

– Fixed: Environments were still updated on the AAA and AAE even thought they were disabled (CE-4570/CE-4719).

– Fixed: Audio object ID invalidation on audio proxies during Save/Load.


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