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本软件是由scirra机构出品的SCIRRA Construct游戏开发工具软件V2 r200+204.4版,Scirra Construct 2 r200 + 204.4,大小:110 MB,语言:英语。

SCIRRA Construct 2是一个基于html5的游戏编辑开发工具,不会编程也会写网页游戏哦!

让你的游戏做它需要视觉和人类可读的方式与强大的事件系统来做。那里是没有需要记住晦涩的语言。专注于真正重要的事情: 设计你的游戏 !它是对于初学者来说,理想和强大到足以让专家原型比以往任何时候都更快。

Construct是一款基于Windows平台的,面向2D游戏的游戏开发工具。它基于事件的系统以一种可见可阅读的方式的来定义游戏行为。操作上也非常直觉,若你的英文有一定的程度,基本上这款软件只需要些微的引导就可以做出一个简单的游戏。尽管Construct 2编辑器只适用于Windows,但是你制作的游戏却可以运行于任何平台上,如Mac,Linus或者iPad。

Scirra Construct 2 r200 + 204.4

Stable update r200 fixes a number of bugs and improves performance and reliability, covering a total of 40 changes. For the full details see the intervening changelogs:

r196 (11 changes) and r196.2 (4 changes): asm.js physics update, renamed “node-webkit” references to “NW.js”, performance improvements

r197 (8 changes): more asm.js physics updates; bug fixes

r198 (9 changes): Tilemap bar zoom option, bug fixes and reliability improvements

r199 (8 changes): more bug fixes

New physics engine

The biggest new feature since r195 is that the asm.js physics engine has finally been updated and has all the same features as the old box2dweb engine, including “disable collisions”. It is now the new default physics engine. Box2dweb is still available for backwards compatibility, but is not recommended and will not be maintained any further. We recommend wherever possible that existing projects switch to asm.js physics to take advantage of improved performance.

Construct 3 is now in development

In other news note that Construct 3 has been announced. You can stay up to date with the latest news at While Construct 3 is a long way off, note that a consequence of its development is that the Construct 2 update cycle will slow down.


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