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本软件是由e-onsoftware机构出品的The Plant Factory Producer植物生成软件V2014.5.2015006140版,E-on Software The Plant Factory 2015 2015006140 Release 15287 Win64,大小:1.2 GB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

The Plant Factory Producer是一个革命性的三维植被软件,可以建模,动画和渲染,专用于CG,SFX,建筑和游戏制作。









E-on Software The Plant Factory 2015 2015006140 Release 15287 Win64

Plant Factory is a must have for any vfx pipeline, and an ideal companion to VUE. Create, Edit and Export High-Quality Animated 3D Plants.

What’s New in Plant Factory 2015:

Redesigned interface and workflow for an improved “new-user” experience

Trunk, Branch, Twig, Stem, Leaf and Billboard framework nodes help you get going fast

Basic and Advanced work spaces, adapted for newcomers and power users

Edit the same parameter for several nodes simultaneously

Simplified material creation using the new Basic Material Editor with standard channels for diffuse, alpha, normals and detail maps

Here is a shortlist of some of the important new features included in Plant Factory 2015:

Quads and Subdivision Surfaces

Control mesh density of individual parts of the plant

Detail maps and Double-sided materials

Exchange plants or plant parts with ZBrush

New ultra-realistic wind model

Redesigned interface and workflow

Simplified Material Editor

New lightweight Simple Segment node for small branches and twigs

New Node presets for the Segment and Leaf nodes

Custom tailored FBX export preset for Unity 5

Redesigned content, 19 new plant species

44 simple tutorial scenes explaining specific settings


19 new plant species

44 simple tutorial scenes explaining specific settings

Redesigned content, optimized for the new wind

Preset material library

Plants created with Plant Factory can be exported to any 3D application using export formats such as Alembic, FBX, 3DS, OBJ, C4D, LWO, etc.

Plants are exported fully rigged*, fully textured, with UV maps and displacement. Breeze or wind animated plants can be exported as a fully rigged mesh or as a cloud of animated vertices* (MDD style).

You can fine-tune the animation of rigged* mesh plants directly inside your target 3D application.

Plant Factory also offers a variety of export presets, custom tailored for specific host applications. Such presets include export for 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema4D, LightWave, Softimage, Modo, ZBrush, Unity, Blender, and more…


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