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本软件是由thefoundry机构出品的Modo三维建模设计软件V901SP3版,The Foundry Modo 901 SP3 Win Mac,大小:730 MB,支持Win与MacOSX系统,语言:英语。



“Modo是我们至今最成功的”Luxology的共同创造人和董事,Brad Peebler说,“增强了新的工作性能,Modo现在为艺术家和设计者提供了强大,高效的一对一解决方案模式。”

The Foundry Modo 901 SP3 Win Mac

MODO 901 lets you take on more challenging projects than ever before, with powerful new features in every discipline from modeling to texturing, and from animation to rendering—not to mention accelerated performance, new pipeline integration options, and complexity management tools. With MeshFusion now an integrated feature, a new advanced photorealistic viewport, progressive texture baking and vector-based graphics support representing just a few of the highlights, MODO 901 is our most significant update so far.

When it comes to modeling and sculpting, MODO 901’s renowned toolset just got better. Now a fully integrated feature included in MODO 901, MeshFusion takes away the challenge of complex and frustrating Boolean operations, making it easier to consistently produce high-quality models. Add to that topological symmetry, layered multi-resolution sculpting, new Slice and Cap options, Quad Fill, Linear and Radial Align, Multi-slice and more, and polygon modeling is faster, easier and more efficient than ever.


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