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本软件是由clipstudio机构出品的Clipstudio Paint漫画插画绘制软件V1.4.1版,CLIP STUDIO PAINT EX V1.4.1 XFORCE,大小:370 MB,支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

CLIP STUDIO PAINT是作为ComicStudio、IllustStudio继任者而出现的绘图软件,同属于CELSYS公司,一般简称为CSP,有专注于插画的PRO版本和加强漫画方面功能的EX版本。在CSP还叫CLIP PAINT Lab(公测版)的时候就在pixiv得到广泛好评。无论是Windows系统还是Mac OS都可以运行CSP,并支持64位系统和多核CPU,还有3D参考功能。对于画手而言,一款适用的动漫绘图软件,无疑能帮助自己在创作中提升创作速率及品质,如虎添翼;而软件升级带来更多的强大功能,也将令人欣喜不已。


High level of pen-pressure sensor and correction enable even beginners to draw smoothly. Various drawing tools, which can be customized flexibly, go with any style.

Users can allocate 3D models with flexible angles and use them for rough sketch. Users can move 3D drawing figures intuitively and put poses to them easily.

Users can draw along a ruler. There are affluent rulers for parallel line, saturated line, concentric circle, symmetry figure and line along perspective as well as for basic figures.

Users can change screen layouts flexibly, and register to use them anytime. Drawing work will be more comfortable by using the layouts for each purpose such as “for black and white” and “for color illustration.”


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