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本软件是由unity3d机构出品的游戏开发工具软件V4.2.0f4版,Unity 3D Pro 4.2.0f4 Win,大小:858 MB,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

Unity3D是由Unity Technologies开发的一个让你轻松创建诸如三维视频游戏、建筑可视化、实时三维动画等类型互动内容的多平台的综合型游戏开发工具,是一个全面整合的专业游戏引擎。Unity类似于Director,Blender game engine, Virtools 或 Torque Game Builder等利用交互的图型化开发环境为首要方式的软件其编辑器运行在Windows 和Mac OS X下,可发布游戏至Windows、Mac、Wii、iPhone和Android平台。也可以利用Unity web player插件发布网页游戏,支持Mac 和Windows的网页浏览。它的网页播放器也被Mac widgets所支持。

Unity 3D Pro 4.2.0f4 Win

Create the games you love with Unity

Unity is a game development ecosystem: a powerful rendering engine fully integrated with a complete set of intuitive tools and rapid workflows to create interactive 3D content; easy multiplatform publishing; thousands of quality, ready-made assets in the Asset Store and a knowledge-sharing Community.

For independent developers and studios, Unity’s democratizing ecosystem smashes the time and cost barriers to creating uniquely beautiful games. They are using Unity to build a livelihood doing what they love: creating games that hook and delight players on any platform.


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