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本软件是由lumion3d公司出品的Lumion三维可视化软件V4.02版,Lumion 4.02 Pro Win64,大小:4.8 GB,支持win64位,语言:英语。



Lumion 4.02 Pro Win64

Lumion has been increasingly recognised as the ideal rendering software for visualizing design and architectural concepts in superb quality video form. Right now, 26 of the top 100 Architect companies in the World are customers of Lumion.

The introduction of Lumion 4.0 once again takes the Lumion experience to an even higher level. ‘Easy-to-learn’, ‘easy-to-use’, ‘super interoperability with so many 3D CAD packages’, ‘incredibly fast to get a fantastic video’ are all phrases that have become synonymous with Lumion


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