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本软件是由Pixelplan机构出品的Pixelplan建筑三维模拟设计软件V1.8.3版,Pixelplan Flow Architect Studio 3D v1.8.3 Win CORE,大小:44 MB,支持Win系统,语言:英语。

Flow Architect Studio 3D 是一款建筑三维模拟设计软件。PIXELPLAN流建筑师工作室3D是一个CAD/3D编辑器,用于设计和演示。支持模型库,材料和设计元素,您可以快速地设计公寓,检查出不同的家具设置,测试设计概念或原型的建筑布局。Flow Architect Studio 3D使用一个简单易用的方法来创建互动式三维可视化 - 虚拟3D演示。建立可视化就像位于计算机的一个程序文件,并且适合进一步分发和在网站上公布.

Pixelplan Flow Architect Studio 3D v1.8.3 Win CORE

Flow Architect Studio 3D is a software package for design and presentation. It enables you to design and visualize in 3D, any scene you need for example: buildings, interiors, spaces or your products. Flow helps you to present your work to others with screenshots, movies and a real-time virtual 3D walkthrough.

Impress your clients with 3D

Present your products in 3D. You can very quickly create a 3D presentation of your product. If you already have a model of your product than you can import it to Flow Architect Studio 3D. Then create a simple map, instantiate your model, add floor, lights, animation and send it to your client in a single file. Here is a tutorial on how to create a simple 3D product presentation with Flow.


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