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本软件是由Adobe公司出品的交互式矢量图与Web动画软件V13.0.1版,Adobe Flash Professional CC Final,大小:950 MB,多语言版本。

Flash是由macromedia公司推出的交互式矢量图和 Web 动画的标准,由Adobe公司收购。网页设计者使用 Flash 创作出既漂亮又可改变尺寸的导航界面以及其他奇特的效果。Flash的前身是Future Wave公司的Future Splash,是世界上第一个商用的二维矢量动画软件,用于设计和编辑Flash文档。1996年11月,美国Macromedia公司收购了Future Wave,并将其改名为Flash。在出到Flash 8以后,Macromedia又被Adobe公司收购。Flash通常也指Macromedia Flash Player(现Adobe Flash Player)。

Adobe Flash Professional CC Final

Software Adobe Flash Professional CC - is a powerful environment for creating animation and multimedia content. Create expressive interactive projects, which are displayed in excellent quality on desktop computers and a variety of devices, including tablets and smartphones, as well as on television.

Functions of Adobe Flash Professional CC:

• Create a sprite sheet. Export the characters and animation sequences for instant sprite sheets that will improve the quality and performance of games, as well as to improve work processes.

• New technology support HTML. Use the new extension (sold separately), together with the basic functions to work with animation and drawing Flash Professional to create interactive content HTML. Export items javascript to work in an environment of open source CreateJS.

• Support for a variety of platforms and devices. Deliver to Android ™ devices and iOS, working in the media of the Adobe Flash Player and AIR.

• Pre-packed Wednesday for creating Adobe AIR applications. Create and distribute applications using prepackaged run-time Adobe AIR. Optimize application testing processes and provide users with access to content, which requires no download.

• Simulation of Action in mobile applications Adobe AIR. Model the common features of mobile applications - for example, the choice of orientation of the screen, manipulation of the fingers and the accelerometer - to optimize the testing process.

• Using Stage 3D. Ultra-fast rendering thanks to the direct use of the medium Starling Framework open source 2D-to content with hardware acceleration.


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