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本软件是由pinnaclesys公司出品的品尼高非编剪辑软件V17.0.1.134版+扩展包,Pinnacle Studio Ultimate + Content Pack + Addons,大小:10.96 GB,附内容与扩展包,语言:英语。

Pinnacle Studio 是一款专业质量的视频编辑软件!Pinnacle Studio 提供了一个专业家庭视频工作室所需要的一切功能,包括一体化的音频/视频同步采集、实时数字视频编辑和CD、VCD、DVD制作解决方案。Pinnacle Studio 是针对台式电脑和笔记本的一套完整视频编辑方案。只要将视频素材采集到电脑里,然后使用专业的编辑工具,制作例如场景转换、字幕特效和快慢动作等炫目的电影。编辑完你的电影,就可以输出到磁带或VCD或DVD上,在DVD机上播放。

获奖的品尼高Studio软件: 使用品尼高Studio软件采集、编辑以及刻录你的作品。多次获得例如PC Magazine、 Videomaker以及CNET等杂志的赞誉,同时也获得行家及用户的一致赞赏。

让制作专业电影变得前所未有的简单: 在你的电脑和笔记本上使用Studio Plus 来编辑电影会更加轻松。品尼高的Studio可以让你随意把素材拖放到编辑的时间线上,只要几分钟就可以合成电影。然后再加上专业的3D转场、背景音乐、一组字幕特效,这样就可以向大家展现你的作品了。

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate + Content Pack + Addons

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate delivers the power and speed to create professional-looking HD and 3D videos and multimedia. You get all the features and trusted technology from Pinnacle Studio Plus and more—Live Capture, 4K Ultra HD support, iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner precision editing, enhanced media tagging, additional Scorefitter soundtracks, and Blu-ray™ authoring. Edit anywhere on an unlimited number of tracks with integrated cloud access and Pinnacle Studio for iPad1 project importing. Energize your videos with 2000+ 2D/3D transitions, effects and templates—plus the awesome Red Giant Filmmaker’s Toolkit and Motion Graphics Toolkit.

Key Features

See results sooner with up to 10x faster video rendering2

Edit on unlimited tracks with frame accuracy in HD and/or advanced stereoscopic 3D

Create eye-popping effects with Red Giant Filmmaker’s Toolkit and Motion Graphics Toolkit

Record directly from your screen with Live Screen Capture

Enhance sound quality with iZotope Music & Speech Cleaner

Produce breathtaking video with support for 4K Ultra HD (Coming Dec. 2013*)

Add excitement with over 2000 2D/3D additional effects

Create Dolby® 5.1 surround Blu-ray™/DVD discs and export to your favorite digital devices and formats

Organize, tag, and rate your favorite clips and music with the built-in media library

Enhance and correct movies, photos and audio right inside the media library

Preview timeline and source clips simultaneously

Use the trim editor to set source clip in/out points, then drag trimmed clips to the timeline for perfect cuts—just like the pros

Import clips and movie projects from Pinnacle Studio for iPad1

Storyboard quick first drafts—even create movies automatically

Layer animations and titles easily with included Montage templates

Create custom-fit soundtracks with Scorefitter

Share HD and 3D videos on Facebook®, YouTube®, and Vimeo® easily

Store projects and clips in the cloud to access anywhere, anytime—includes 50 GB3 of cloud access free from Box

Zip through projects via 64-bit, NVIDIA® CUDA™, and Intel® Quick Sync Video optimization

Access video and photos from HD camcorders and digital devices—even 3D

Easily archive and restore your work with Project Packages


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