CG资源网 >> 综合分类 >> Primere 纪录片剪辑教程(中文字幕) 出品的时长3小时48分钟的Adobe Premiere Pro视频编辑教程 。如何突出的原因,表达一个观点,讲一个故事在Adobe Premiere Pro基本的视频编辑技术。本课程打破了纪录片的过程分解为一系列的阶段,对应到真实的客户端项目里。从现有的素材,你会发现重要的信息概念如何识别和记录的画面。然后找出如何粗略组合和微调削减,运动图形及记录中的图层。在导出您最终影片之前探索的色彩校正和音频混合。

Adobe Premiere Pro,全球著名的影视制作软件。 Adobe Premiere Pro提供了更强大、高效的增强功能和先进的专业工具,包括尖端的色彩修正、强大的新音频控制和多个嵌套的时间轴,并专门针对多处理器和超线程进行了优化,能够利用新一代基于英特尔奔腾处理器、运行Windows XP的系统在速度方面的优势,提供一个能够自由渲染的编辑体验。

本课程是从三个不同的编辑器,从三个不同的编辑应用程序的角度着眼于影片的编辑。了解更多有关编辑影片项目,Avid Media Composer和Adobe Premiere Pro与Final Cut Pro X。

Find out how to highlight a cause, express a point of view, and tell a story with Adobe Premiere Pro and some essential documentary editing techniques. This course breaks down the documentary process into a series of stages that correspond to the milestones of a real client project. Starting with existing footage, you'll discover how to identify the key messaging concepts and log the footage. Then find out how to assemble rough and fine-tuned cuts, and layer in motion graphics and a credit roll. The final phase explores color correction and audio mixing, before exporting your final movie.

This course is part of a series that looks at Documentary Editing from the point of view of 3 different editors in 3 different editing applications. For more insight on editing documentary projects, take a look at Documentary Editing with Avid Media Composer and Documentary Editing with Final Cut Pro X.

Topics include:

Interpreting a creative brief

Logging interviews and other footage

Pulling selects and presenting ideas

Building sequences and scenes

Creating title graphics

Animating images

Adjusting b-roll shots

Tightening clip timing

Compressing and exporting multiple files


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