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本视频教程是关于Rebelle 3水彩水墨数字绘画自学课程视频教程,时长:18小时,大小:6.2 GB,MP4高清视频格式,附源文件,共5个章节,作者:theartistsquarter,语言:英语。

Rebelle 3是一款可以帮助您设计水彩绘画的软件,您可以在软件上找到多种绘画方式,内置十几种彩笔可以选择,绘图的色彩也是可以在软件上手动选择的,提供连了多个图层建立,允许您根据不同的图层随后打开编辑,合并图层也是一键搞定的。

Rebelle水彩水墨模拟数字绘画软件V3.05版:This class features almost 18 hours of video tuition, including two full-blown step-by-step project tutorials, along with a group of exclusive custom brush presets.In this class, I approach Rebelle 3 from a painter’s perspective, and demonstrate just how versatile and adept this wonderful app can be, not only for digital watercolour, but also for mixed media approaches.Of course, there’s lots of painting along the way, but at the same time I teach you many fundamental Rebelle techniques and features, many of those brand-new in Rebelle 3.As ever, my first concern here is how we can use this wonderful app as practical, practising artists, so I cover many of the fundamentals of painting and drawing too, setting rewarding and enlightening practical exercises along the way, such as fundamental approaches to thoughtful colour mixing, exactly how to handle and create brushes, and some fundamental approaches for creating and managing various wash types and effects in watercolour.The class also features detailed demonstrations around creating and using stencils, a complete breakdown of the features available within the Brush Creator, along with creating and handling Masking Fluid layers, and using Trace Colour.The class also features three full-blown project-based painting tutorials, where we combine the very best aspects of Rebelle 3 in a practical, creative way.Rebelle水彩水墨模拟数字绘画软件V3.05版:


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