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本教程是关于3dsmax与Vray阿拉伯风格建筑风格景观大师级视频教程,时长:21小时,大小:15.4 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:3dsmax,Vray,附源文件,共13个章节,作者:Abdulkareem Hamad Aanadee,语言:英语。


3D Studio Max,常简称为3ds Max或MAX,是Autodesk公司开发的基于PC系统的三维动画渲染和制作软件。

其前身是基于DOS操作系统的3D Studio系列软件。

在Windows NT出现以前,工业级的CG制作被SGI图形工作站所垄断。

3D Studio Max + Windows NT组合的出现一下子降低了CG制作的门槛,首选开始运用在电脑游戏中的动画制作,后更进一步开始参与影视片的特效制作,例如:《X战警II》,《最后的武士》等。



基于V-Ray 内核开发的有VRay for 3ds max、Maya、Sketchup、Rhino等诸多版本,为不同领域的优秀3D建模软件提供了高质量的图片和动画渲染。


视频预览:3D design is as important as any other workGiving the viewer a future lookAnd helps you draw your imagination to people more clearly than sometimes explainedAt other times, we engineers avoid too many mistakesThe design also sometimes encourages the sale of offers – for example, when the customer sees his future home before his eyes before his construction will push him to deal and pay money with the company that works in the designerThe designer must have creative ideasWe are all graphic artistsEither on paper or on the computer or in our minds and imaginationFor example, three-dimensional design on the computer, however, professionals make it as a camera shotIf you are a beginner you will learn with us designIf you are average or maybe a professional you will increase your experience with usWe will address Arab culture in this sessionAnd we give it in the design programWe will learn Arabic culture on the one hand and we will learn how to design the Arab House in the 3Ds Max program on the otherWe’ll first know the interface and shortcuts we useWe allocate the program to Match usWe will learn modeling where we will Modeling walls, doors, windows, window frames, garden, grass and treesThirdly, we will cover the Texturing with the materials that make them realisticWhere we will create it in our own in cooperation with Photoshop programWe give it reflections and realistic lusterThen we will create the appropriate lightingWhere we will get out two Shot (Daylight & Night)We will adjust the settings of the RenderingAfter taking the pictures we will deal with them in PhotoshopTo correct the colors and some few problems if anyWe’ll end up seeing a real high-resolution feel it’s From a cameraBelieve me my dear after watching for this course you will be professional for exterior designYou will be able to design your dream house or work in construction companiesAll this in almost a dayWhat you’ll learnLearn How To Modeling Walls, Tree, Garden, Doors, Windows And Car Shelter And MoreLearn How To Lighting -Night&SunnyLearn Texturing And Materials Creation – Marble, Stone, Car Paint, Concrete, Plants, Glass, Wood, Aluminum And MoreLearn How To Rendering – Add Render Element And Work With It , Adjust The Render Settings , Work With Camera ISO Shutter Speed And MoreLearn How To Post Production in Photoshop – Adjust The Brightness And Color , Make The Picture More Spiritual With little Time And High PotentialAre there any course requirements or prerequisites?AutoDesk 3DS Max 2017 – You Can Use Trial –Until you buy itAdobe Photoshop CC -You Can Use Trial –Until you buy itChaosgroup V-Ray 3.60.03 -You Can Use Trial –Until you buy it64 BIT Windows Operating SystemPC & InternetSpeedTree If Available -You Can Use Trial –Until you buy itInternet Access IN Texture Section To Download ImageSome Knowledge With Cad And Sketch – – But Not NecessaryRecommended To Show This Course With Wide Display if Available Also If You Have A LaptopWho this course is for:Who wants to work in the construction and contracting companies and engineering designArchitects and architecture studentsWho wants to shorten the way to learn the exterior design of the houseWho would like to know about the Arab culture in Texturing and designing housesWho wants to learn the link between Photoshop and V-Ray in the construction of materials更多精彩3dsmax中文字幕教程:《3dsMax中V-Ray3.0渲染技术全面核心训练视频教程》中文字幕版:《3dsMax全面核心训练视频教程》中文字幕版:《3dsMax科幻电影角色概念艺术设计视频教程》中文字幕版:《3dsMax 2018新功能训练视频教程》中文字幕版:


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