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本软件是关于Autodesk Network License Manager网络许可管理软件V2019版,大小:17 MB支持Win64位系统,语言:英语。

A network license allows a number of users on the same TCP/IP network to share access to product licenses. The Network License Manager (NLM), installed on one or more servers, controls the distribution of licenses to users.When you start an Autodesk product, it requests a license from the license server through the network. If a license is available, NLM assigns a license to the computer and the user launching the program, and the number of available licenses on the license server is reduced by one.When you exit a product, the license returns to the NLM. If you run multiple sessions of an Autodesk product on an individual computer, only one license is used. When the last session is closed, the license is released.


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