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本教程是关于AutoCAD模块化预制单元技术训练视频教程,时长:2小时37分,大小:500 MB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:AutoCAD,作者:Shaun Bryant,共40个章节,语言:英语。

AutoCAD(Auto Computer Aided Design)是美国Autodesk公司首次于1982年开发的自动计算机辅助设计软件,用于二维绘图、详细绘制、设计文档和基本三维设计。






《AutoCAD 2020基础核心技术训练视频教程》中文字幕版:Modular and prefabricated units continue to be important in building design and construction. Explore how to use AutoCAD to create a prefab unit, starting with a simple 2D plan drawing that can be inserted into an overall 3D construction model such as a high rise building or office block. See how to use 2D drafting to lay out the basic plan of your unit, then create a 3D workspace to solidify the design. Using 3D modeling, discover how to add 3D walls and structural openings at appropriate levels in the unit design, add a floor and ceiling, and then complete the prefabricated unit that could be built offsite and craned in to a larger project.Topics include:Setting up a local plan gridDeveloping the 2D plan viewMoving from 2D to 3DDeveloping the 3D objectsAdding walls and structural openingsExtruding the unit walls and partitionsAdding structural openings to the correct elevationsAdding the floor and ceilingDefining elevation values for servicesSetting up a model in 3D《AutoCAD 2020基础核心技术训练视频教程》中文字幕版:


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