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本教程是关于Houdini液体模拟特效实例制作视频教程,时长:2小时,大小:4.1 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Houdini,作者:appliedhoudini,共24个章节,语言:英语。

Houdini 是一个特效方面非常强大的软件。




In Liquids I, we will learn how to make liquid simulations with the FLIP solver! Really understanding the mechanics of FLIP will be the main focus, including in-depth explanations and visual aides to effectively explain how it works. We will also build a dynamic example of a liquid being sourced, collided with, surfaced, shaded, and rendered! Along the way I’ll talk about some of my favorite tips, tricks, and workflow ideas as usual.Please note that this lesson is not free like the introductory lessons of the Particles, Volumes, and Rigids series as Liquids I is not for beginners. This lesson is for intermediate level Houdini users that already have an understanding of volumetric and particle simulations, and acts as an extension of those series! Please check out my free Particles I and Volumes I lessons if you are just getting started.更多精彩Houdini中文教程:《Houdini腾云驾雾特效制作训练视频教程》中文字幕版:《Houdini粒子系统全面核心训练视频教程》中文字幕版:《Houdini初学者入门训练视频教程》中文字幕版:


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