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本教程是关于Blender 2.8室内家具后期渲染技术视频教程,时长:18分,大小:340 MB,格式:MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Blender,作者:Victor Duarte,共4个章节,语言:英语。




《Blender全面核心训练练视频教程》中文字幕版:视频预览:In this final class we are going to fill the scene with some premade furniture assets and I'll talk just a bit of the importance of have a constantly growing library of assets. Specially if you are into the archviz world.We will take a look at the very new Intel Open Image Denoiser, which gives incredible results killing the noise of our renders. As well as some basic compositing nodes on blender.Then we will export the final render, bring it to photoshop and make the final basic retouches to give the final look.Where I get 3D models for my projects? Take a look at this resources:3DskyPoliigon 3D modelsChocofurCG AxisArchive 3DCG Trader《Blender全面核心训练练视频教程》中文字幕版:


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