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本教程是关于Cocos Creator制作2D空间飞机射击小游戏视频教程,时长:3小时30分,大小:1.2 GB,MP4高清视频格式,教程使用软件:Unity,作者:Lwiimbo Kasweshi,共28个章节,语言:英语。

Cocos2d-x 是一套成熟的开源跨平台游戏开发框架。


其核心采用 C++ 编写,支持 C++、 Lua 或 JavaScript 进行开发。

Cocos2d-x 适配 iOS、 Android、 HTML5、 Windows 和 Mac 系统,功能侧重于原生移动平台,并向 3D 领域延伸扩展。

Make a multi-platform action 2D Space Shooter |Cocos CreatorBuild a 2D space shooter game that can be deployed as an android game, Facebook instant game, web game, Windows or MacWhat you'll learnHow to Create an action 2D Space Shooter GameHow to use Touch and Keyboard Input for 2D gamesSpawning Enemies that have life, actions and shoot back at youSimple physics and Collision Detection in Cocos CreatorScripting in Cocos CreatorWhat is needed to publish to Windows or Mac, Android, Facebook Instant Games, Web Mobile and Web Desktop platformsRequirementsBe able to work around your desired platform whether Windows or Macintosh i.e. installing software etcStudents with some basic scripting or programming knowledge will get through the course fasterAn eagerness to learn 2D Game DevelopmentDescriptionThe course will be using the completely free Cocos Creator Engine to create a 2D space shooter game that will be using Collision Detection and other 2D game features. In the course, you will be making a multi-platform game that supports keyboard and touch input so that it can play on desktop and mobile platforms. The course will show what is needed to deploy the game as a web game, a Facebook Instant Game, what is needed to compile for Android Game Development as well as building for Windows or Mac. We will cover some 2D Game Development Fundamentals with Cocos Creator in the process while covering web game design. The course will be scripted in typescript files but can be used for jаvascript Game Development. This course is for anyone interested in creating a 2D space shooter game that can be deployed to multiple platforms as well as jаvascript,Typescript or web developers who want to make games using their skills. Even if you are not a jаvascript or Typescript developer, some programming knowledge is all that is required to get through this course.Who this course is for:jаvascript,Typescript or programmers of any kind who want to make Games.Students who are interested in creating a 2D Space Shooter gameStudents who want to know how to create Games with the Free Cocos Creator game EngineCocos2d-X developers who want a faster way to develop gamesAnyone interested in creating 2D games for multiple platforms


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