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本合辑是由DAZ3D机构出品的DAZ3D汗水水滴浸湿皮肤角色形象3D模型合辑,大小:510 MB,包含DAZ3D各种比基尼皮肤印迹3D模型文件,供广大设计师学习使用。


DAZ Studio是DAZ3d公司出品的一款3D造型应用软件,使用DAZ Studio,用户能轻易地创造美好的数字艺术. 用户可以使用这个软件在人,动物,车辆,建筑物,道具,配件和创造数字场景。



DAZ3D推出了自己的三维人物动画软件DAZ Studio。

DAZ Studio拥有一个可以编辑的骨骼系统,大多数功能通过参数盘很容易操作。

DAZ Studio的材质编辑允许用户改变属性,编辑的材质属性有表面颜色,表面贴图,凹凸贴图,透明贴图,位移贴图等。


DAZ Studio的渲染采用DNASOFT公司技术,并且支持业界著名的Renderman渲染器,渲染的质量速度都不错。

DAZ Studio是一个独特的艺术和动画设计工具,可选用虚拟人物,动物,道具,车辆,配件,环境等等元素。


继承了前版的优势,DAZ Studio 4使用了一个新UI,并且更加易于使用。


DAZ3D Drips and Drops for Genesis 3 Female(s)Don't be afraid to get wet or hurt! Drips and Drops are advanced Iray body drops outfits for Genesis 3 Females.Coming with different outfits corresponding to three main existing drops shapes options, Static Drops, Isolated Dripping Drops and Large Groups of Dripping Drops, they will become your favorite tool for any scene you need some drips and drops on your figure.The Static Drops outfit is a full body outfit made of 5000 drops not dripping along the body, and of 21 surface areas. Static Drops can be morphed in shape and size on the body, and three additional morphs allows you to "explode" the drops around the figure for a really cool effect!The Separate Dripping Drops are a 7 part outfit made of 564 separate dripping drops with morphs allowing to change their thickness, size, and to add drops at the tip of the drips.The Large Groups of Dripping Drops are a 5 part outfit made of 90 groups of several drips joining a their top on a Larger area. They also include several morphs to change their thickness, add noise, hide top part, add drops at tip of the drips...All the outfits made of dripping drops (Separate and Large Groups) can be loaded in two versions, one where the material is the same for all the drops of one element of the outfit, and one where each dripping drop has it's own material zone.One material per drop! Do you realize what it means? It means that you can hide, show, render as blood or as water or as whatever you want the exact drops you want on these outfits. You can keep a single drop and hide all the other ones. Or on the contrary you can show all of them except one. And why not putting a single blood drip in the middle of milky or paint drips? With a total of 675 individual surface areas, the possibilities are endless!Several Iray Shaders are provided for each of these outfits, amongst them various water and blood shaders for more fun. Water Shaders are provided with additional scripts allowing to manage Glossiness, Opacity, Refraction and Top Coat Weights iteratively - proportionally to their current value - in a few clicks.Perfect for sports, water, painting, wounds and many more, Drips and Drops is a must have to add more variety to your Iray renders.Also of note is that the set works great with Genesis 3 Male via the Auto-Fit Feature in Daz Studio!Genesis 3 Female, DAZ Studio 4.9


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