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本合集是关于22组Octane渲染器金属漆质感材质预设合集,大小:90 MB,格式:lib4d,unitypackage,c4d,供广大设计师学习使用。

视频预览:6 天前6 天前6 天前6 天前6 天前6 天前6 天前6 天前6 天前The pack includes 22 shaders that now can get installed directly into LocalDB, and can be used in every octane plugin using the orbx package. Octane version 4.02.1+Speed up your automotive workflow and focus on being creative! Install these shaders so you can jump in to Octane with tons of great materials to hit the ground running.***PLEASE NOTE***Shaders can only be used in localDB and octane standalone/plugins from stable 4.02.1+If you’re using any other version prior to 4.02.1, the shaders will only work with cinema4d.Included is:Cinema4d .c4d with the shaders preloadedA Cinema4d content browser .lib4d fileORBX files are not included by original uploader


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