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本合辑是关于2K未来科幻标志贴花贴图合集,大小:310 MB,格式:PNG(含透明通道),SVG,使用软件:Substance, 附使用教程,供广大设计师学习使用。


This is a set of 100 sign/sticker decals that you can use to add details to your 2D or 3D artwork in software such as Substance Painter, Photoshop etc.To quickly add details to your 2D artwork you can use the PNG decals, to add height/color/roughness details to your 3D artwork inside software such as Substance Painter use the PNG Alphas or Decals. If you want to change shape/color or resolution/size of the decals you can open the SVG vector files in either Adobe Illustrator or Figma(Free).Contents- 100 Decals/Alphas- PNG 2048x2048 Decals (transparent files)- PNG 2048x2048 Alphas- SVG (Editable vector files)- Editable PSD file


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