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本模型是关于40组Lowpoly低多边形动物3D模型合集,大小:700 MB,格式:C4D | 3DS | MAT | FBX | OBJ | DAE | ABC | MTL,供广大设计师学习使用。

3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前3 天前Features: - Lowpoly Wild Animals Rigged 3D model Mega Collection Pack.Well arranged data by names and separate folders .This pack includes:All Rigged 3D Model40 Meshes: 3 Low-Poly Wolf Collection Pack Rigged 3D Model, 3 Lowpoly Leopard-Cats Collection Pack Rigged 3D model, 3 Low-Poly Chicken Collection Pack Rigged-Animated 3D Model, Horse Rigged-Animated 3D Model, Rat, Pig, Crow, Boar, Bat, Puma, Jaguar, Tiger, Zebra, Gorilla, Hippopotamus, Lowpoly Rhinoceros Rigged 3D model, Giraffe Rigged 3D Model.Animation: 20+ Real World Wild Animals Movements+Attacks etcTexture : HQ Realistic Zebra Texture, Normal MapAvailable In -c4d, fbx,3ds,obj,dae,abc | You can request Any other 3D Formate Zbrush,max,blender etcReal world scale,Optimized For Real time rendering and VR-AR games.So order now this Wild Animal African Lowpoly Wild Animals Rigged 3D model Collection Pack.You can easily set this Lowpoly Wild Animals Rigged 3D model Mega Collection Pack in your natural wild forest environment.The model is highly accurate and consists of correct geometry, detail, materials and textures are included you can also use these 3D Models for Printing.I hope you enjoy my work and hope our Lowpoly Wild Animals Rigged 3D model Mega Collection Pack make your game environment perfect.So what are you waiting for.!


资源名称: 40组Lowpoly低多边形动物3D模型合集

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