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本模型是关于死神恶魔镰刀收割者角色3D模型合集,大小:140 MB,可调整替换很多细节,供广大设计师学习使用。



本模型需要基础模型组:(午夜骷髅骨架角色3D模型合集:)使用方法1:安装软件,直接将Content下的文件复制DAZ的资源库My DAZ 3D Library里面,安装完后(重启软件)可直接在Content Library里面调用!模型都可以输出为Maya等其他软件使用格式!如不能完整打开模型,看下面英文说明是否需要基础模型组:如需要Genesis 8 Female(s)基础模型组,请!如需要Genesis 3 Female(s)基础模型组,请!其他扩展模型组,请!DAZ Studio是DAZ3d公司出品的一款3D造型应用软件,使用DAZ Studio,用户能轻易地创造美好的数字艺术. 用户可以使用这个软件在人,动物,车辆,建筑物,道具,配件和创造数字场景。



DAZ3D推出了自己的三维人物动画软件DAZ Studio。

DAZ Studio拥有一个可以编辑的骨骼系统,大多数功能通过参数盘很容易操作。

DAZ Studio的材质编辑允许用户改变属性,编辑的材质属性有表面颜色,表面贴图,凹凸贴图,透明贴图,位移贴图等。


DAZ Studio的渲染采用DNASOFT公司技术,并且支持业界著名的Renderman渲染器,渲染的质量速度都不错。

DAZ Studio是一个独特的艺术和动画设计工具,可选用虚拟人物,动物,道具,车辆,配件,环境等等元素。


继承了前版的优势,DAZ Studio 4使用了一个新UI,并且更加易于使用。


Compatible Figures: N/ACompatible Software: dForce Cloth, DAZ Studio 4.11Required Products:Midnight SkeletonInstall Types:Daz Connect Install Manager Manual InstallDetailsdForce Angel of Death for Midnight Skeleton is the first dForce product by Midnight_stories. This is a dForce only product and uses all the features of the new Daz Studio physics engine. There's a robe a collar cover, an evil hourglass and a classic reaper scythe. There are 5 material sets black gray brown red and white. There are also transparency map presets to get that torn and ripped look, plus gold and silver trim can be applied. The hourglass even has a glow shader so you can turn it into a light source.I've made it as easy as possible to use the physics simulation with wearable presets and sub-sets that have the physics weight map already applied, but if you want to get started straight away I have made 2 scenes with everything setup for you, all you have to do is apply a pose to the Midnight Skeleton and hit the simulate button.There's 7 poses to get you going and 5 Hierarchical Poses with the props already fitted. So get out there! and start creating you own Angel of Death scene! As an added BONUS! I have made a mound with scatted bones on the edges it comes in three different colors. Please note this only has Iray materials. Be on the lookout for the Genesis 8 and Genesis 3 versions!What's Included and FeaturesAngel of Death (.DUF)CollarRobe:Expand AllReaper Scythe:Hide BladeShorten StaffHourglass LanternSkull Pedestal BaseSimulation Settings:HQ SimulationNormal SimulationScenes:dForce Midnight SkeletondForce Midnight Skeleton PropsScene Sub-Sets:dForce Midnight SkeletondForce Midnight Skeleton PropsWearable Presets:AllHourglass Left HandRobeScythe Right HandMaterial Options:Skull Pedestal Base:Base BrownBase GrayBase GreenBones DarkBones DirtyBones LightRobe & Collar:BlackBrownGrayRedWhiteCollar Trim Gold/SilverHoles On/OffHourglass:Lantern GoldLantern SilverSand Glow CyanSand Glow GreenSand Glow PurpleSand Glow RedSand Glow WhiteSand Glow YellowScythe:Scythe Blade GoldScythe Blade SilverPoses:AscendBeholdGhostPointTimes UpWaitYou're NextHierarchical Poses:FerrymanFlyNight WatchStandWalkTextures Include:40 Texture, Bump, Displacement, Specular, Reflection, Transparency and Normal Maps (2048 x 2048 up to 4096 x 4096)Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)NotesThis product includes:1 DSON Core InstallerAdditional Products used in Promo Images:Midnight SkeletonDivine Wings


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