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本模板是关于20组Joelfamularo系列影视级调色预设,大小:10 MB,格式:CUBE,使用软件版本:AE,PR,FCPX,Speedgrade,Nuke,达芬奇,PS,LR等,支持Win与Mac版。

视频预览:The problem with Sony cameras has always been their colours. Those that shoot S Log2/3 have great dynamic range and a host of other fantastic features but I needed to fix the colour for myself so I could unlock the full potential out of my Sony Cameras.To do so I designed 2 Phantom LUT Packs.The 'Alexa Look' and the 'Film Look' Packs.*I now make slog2 and slog3 versions of these - you get both together when you purchase a pack.*I know this will sound crazy - but you don’t need to over expose your S Log footage when you use these LUTs - you can if you want but you don’t HAVE to in order to avoid noise in the shadows - they don’t eliminate noise completely but they help a lot to suppress it so you can get totally ‘Non-Sony’ looks with your Sony camera and get back an extra stop or two in your highlights without your images falling apart.The videos you’re about to watch contain ZERO noise reduction. Several of the clips are at night with massive areas of the image under exposed and the smooth shadows you see are due 100% to the LUTs.


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